CrossFit Midpoint’s Safety Measures Amid COVID-19

As of Monday, May 4th, CF Midpoint will reopen with the following measures in place:

Coaches will control all access and movement of athletes in their class. Members will remain outside until directed to enter. Upon entry, members are asked to wash their hands in the lobby bathroom. Your temperature will be taken by a coach using a forehead digital thermometer and a new waiver must be signed.

Athletes must register for classes through Wodify. Each class will be 30-45 minutes in length to allow for cleaning of equipment. Only 6 athletes will be able to attend each class due to the 12-ft restriction. At-home WODs will also be posted for those staying home and working out with checked out equipment.

Athletes are required to wear a face covering upon entering the gym prior to the start of class and after the completion of physical activity. Coaches will also be utilizing face coverings.

Coaches Area: Only the coach will be allowed to handle the timer remote, stereo and mouse for the computer. All athletes will need to check in and enter times/scores through the Wodify app on their phone. The area around the control center will be taped off for the coach only. Coaches will refill water bottles for athletes after sanitizing their hands.

Athletes will have a designated workout area marked off with tape. In that area, you will find equipment related to the WOD along with a sanitation spray bottle, paper towels and hand sanitizer. The paper towels are only for cleaning equipment and not personal sweat use. All personal equipment/gym bag and water must be kept inside your assigned area.

There will be no physical contact between coaches or athletes and no sharing of equipment or water bottles etc.

Please bring your own jump rope. No powder chalk allowed. Athletes will need to supply their own liquid chalk and sweat rag.

At this time, we will not be using the rig, rings, ghd/rev-hyper and wall balls as space does not allow with our 12 foot distancing restriction and inability to control cross-contamination. The gym floor bathroom and locker room will be off limits as they are directly adjacent to an assigned WOD area. Changing and toilet/sink use will be all directed to the lobby bathroom.

During the class, the front door to CrossFit Midpoint will be locked. The emergency exit for athletes will be out the overhead garage door and side door to the grass. The door between the lobby and gym must also remain closed when not being used.

This all subject to change as the week unfolds or other restrictions are lifted or implemented by city or state regulations.

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