Worried you won’t see results? Don’t! Joining our regular classes will ensure you have the best results possible! Just sign up for our free No-Sweat Intro Session to tour our gym, observe a regular class, and personally meet with a member of our coaching staff to discuss your health and fitness goals. 

Then our Foundations Classes will take you through 4 one hour-long sessions with a coach to prepare you for regular classes. Experienced athletes may choose to test out. 

A gym that cares about your safety

At CrossFit Midpoint, we want to make sure that our athletes feel safe in the environment where they work out. We are going above and beyond to ensure we meet the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Arkansas Department of Health. 

Our Step by Step Process:

Step 1: No-Sweat Intro Session

See what CrossFit MidPoint is all about by booking a free 30-minute No-Sweat Intro Session. Wherever you are on your fitness journey we want you to succeed. This session allows us to establish the best starting place for your fitness journey. Tour our gym, observe a regular class, and meet with a coach to establish your goals and set up your Foundations Classes!

Step 2: Foundations Classes or Test Out

Our Foundations Classes establish the foundations of CrossFit. Technique and movement efficiency are key and these classes ensure you’re equipped for success. Just 4 one hour-long sessions, and you’ll be ready for regular classes! 

Foundations Options

Foundations One-on-One:

A MidPoint coach will take you through 4 one-hour sessions. We schedule all sessions to work with your availability. You will work at your own pace, learn the technique and efficiency of CrossFit movements, and be introduced to our community and coaching style. 

Price: $120, includes 1st month after completing Foundations course. 

Foundations Pair:

Do you have a friend who you would like to experience CrossFit with? A MidPoint coach will take you and your friend through 4 one-hour sessions.

Price: $210, includes 1st month of CrossFit for both individuals 

Testing Out

If you’ve done CrossFit before or have experience with the movements and methodology, please contact about scheduling a test-out session. 

Step 3: Join the CrossFit MidPoint Family!

Once you complete your Foundations Classes or Test Out, you are ready to join regular classes! 

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